Sainsbury Shop-Fruitdale

Constructed on a solid Monolithic slab foundation, this 60×100 shop features 20-foot high walls made from Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), embodying modern engineering and design principles. The project was efficiently managed and executed by the American Contracting concrete crew, overseeing both precise groundwork and the build process. The adoption of ICF for the walls offers superior insulation, energy efficiency, and weather resilience, contributing to the building’s durability and longevity.

Furthermore, the shop incorporates an in-floor heating system to improve comfort and operational efficiency. This system provides even heat distribution, eliminating cold spots and ensuring a warm working environment during colder months. The in-floor heating not only reduces heating costs but also aligns with the building’s energy-efficient design to decrease environmental impact.

At a Glance

Project Type
Concrete, General Contracting, Residentail
Concrete Walls, Driveway, Exterior Concrete, Exterior Finish Work, Foundations, Framing, Interior Finish Work, Siding, In Floor Heating

3D Rendering of Shop

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